May 17, 2021 Announcements

Students may pick up their certificates from Academic Recognition Night at the Front Lobby Window with Mrs. Wescott!!!!

Seniors~I have seen many "home of a WHS graduate" lawn signs around Westbrook!!! If you have not picked yours up yet-please stop by the Main Office!! *As we approach the end of the school year, the Civil Rights Team would like to invite you all to our last few Civil Rights Team meetings. We will be meeting this month during ACE on Tuesday, May 25th. The Google Meet link to our meetings can be found in the Newsletter, or you can click here. This month we recognize and celebrate the contributions and many cultures of Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders and of Jewish-Americans. The month of May is dedicated to celebrating the heritage of these rich and significant cultures in America. We encourage all staff and students to take time this month to read, watch, write and discuss all the ways in which Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders and Jewish-Americans have contributed to our society throughout history.*

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